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The beaters use the three bludgers dodgeballs to sabotage other players — if they hit an opponent, the opponent has to drop what they're doing and immediately retreat to a goalpost. The keeper guards the hoops. And the seeker will chase and pull off the velcro tail of the snitch — someone who runs around dressed in yellow — for 30 points. WORLD ADULT KICKBALL ASSOCIATIONBetter known as WAKA Kickball, this 21 and over league is making the playground adult friendly. The field is set up just like one in elementary school — four bases and a pitcher's mound, usually those floppy rubber ones. A rubber ball is pitched underhand across home plate and toward an opposing player, who will try to kick it then take off toward first. Defense can get a forceout at the base, tag the runner with the ball or throw it at him or her, as long as it hits below the shoulders. Games last five innings of three outs each per team. There's an annual Founders Cup World Kickball Championship in Las Vegas. This year's will be on Oct. 6.

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By 5 am and the return of sunlight I was more than ready to sleep, but I had no idea how to get home myself, so I was along for the ride as the group went to a restaurant for breakfast, then went on a ferry ride, and finally said goodbyes at a metro station.

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